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Readying your hose bibs for winter

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It’s important to ready your house for winter. One of the simplest tasks a homeowner can do to avoid pipe bursting is shut off their hose bibs.

just follow these steps:

  1. CLOSE Valve Inside
  2. REMOVE Garden Hose
  3. OPEN Hose Bibb (Leave Open)

DRAIN Vacuum Breaker (location and operation vary with Mfgr.)

  • does the spigot have a little cap behind the valve, on top of the pipe?
    • if yes, no need to drain!
    • if no, keep reading!
  • does the spigot have a threaded on valve?
    • if yes, does it have a black ring around it like this?
    •  nf8 pull down GENTLY on the black ring to drain
    • if it doesn’t have a black ring, just push on the little plastic post inside

see the video below for help!


and finally, OPEN the bleed orifice at the inside valve (back inside your house – if you do this early, you’ll make a puddle in your house, so make sure to save this step for last!)


don’t forget to reverse the process in the springtime!

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  1. Paul dux says:

    Please give me your price for replacing the anode rod in my 40 gal get hot water tank. There is no problem with home is south of purcellvile about 15 minute drive.