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Winterizing an outdoor kitchen

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Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular these days and its increasingly important to remember to winterize these fixtures so you can use them for years to come and don’t have an annual visit from us in the spring when everything thaws. Always check the manufacturer for specific cleaning and storage instructions.


  • if you have a gas grill, turn off the gas supply. you do not have to disconnect it unless you are moving the grill inside, in which case, tape a plastic bag over the end of the line to keep critters out.
  • you can coat the elements in cooking spray/oil to keep off the rust.
  • put on the grill cover.



  • shut off the supply lines (this is usually located inside your home).
  • open the taps at the sink and keep the taps open.
  • pour some RV antifreeze down the drain to keep the trap from freezing.
  • cover the sink or at least the drain to keep debris out.
  • at the supply shut-offs, open the bleed valves on the shut-offs



  • turn off the gas supply


A little prevention can save a lot of money down the line and keep your spaces operating for many seasons to come.


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