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There are three types of plungers: The Cup Plunger: the cup plunger is your average, everyday plunger often featured on television. it is NOT a toilet plunger. it is great for sinks, tubs and wash basins, basically anything with a flat surface.   The Flange Plunger:   the flange plunger is…

For plunger selection, please see my previous post on Plunger options: Types of Plungers General Plunger Tips: Never Use a Plunger in Tandem with Drain Cleaning Chemicals. The plunging action will inevitably splatter dangerous chemicals onto your skin or clothing.  In fact, we do not recommend the use of drain cleaning…

A Plumber’s most common call is for a clogged drain. whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, lots of things build up inside a drain and cause it to slow down. One common remedy, heavily advertised, is liquid drain cleaner. Regardless of the brand, I highly recommend you avoid this product….

Oftentimes, when a faucet begins to run slowly or pressure is poor, it is due to a clogged aerator. Follow these simple instructions to clean and replace your aerator.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular these days and its increasingly important to remember to winterize these fixtures so you can use them for years to come and don’t have an annual visit from us in the spring when everything thaws.