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A Plumber’s most common call is for a clogged drain. whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, lots of things build up inside a drain and cause it to slow down. One common remedy, heavily advertised, is liquid drain cleaner. Regardless of the brand, I highly recommend you avoid this product. it is highly toxic and caustic. It is as likely to eat away at the insides of your pipe as it is the actual clog.

If you can picture a clog as a dam, like a beaver would build, the sticks and twigs are the hair and lint, and the mud is the soap, you can easily see how a drain becomes clogged in the first place. drain cleaners successfully eat away at the mud part of the dam, but not the dam itself, so you’ll just have to keep using it over and over again.

The better option is to remove the dam altogether. Plumbers have augers for drains, and long ones for those clogs deep in the plumbing. most clogs occur right around the p-trap and can be easily reached with these plastic zippers easily available at your local hardware store. We have done no field testing, so I cannot recommend one over another, but here is one option for your consideration.


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