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Types of Plungers

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There are three types of plungers:

The Cup Plunger:

cup_plungerthe cup plunger is your average, everyday plunger often featured on television. it is NOT a toilet plunger. it is great for sinks, tubs and wash basins, basically anything with a flat surface.


The Flange Plunger:



the flange plunger is best for toilets, as it creates a good seal around the curved drain hole. The flange can be turned inside the bell and be used as a cup plunger as well (just make sure to wash the sink afterwards. you DO know where that thing has been.)



The Accordion Plunger:

accordian style plunger just like the flange plunger, the accordion plunger is optimal for toilets. The accordion pushes air into the drain and pushes out the clog. A bit more difficult to operate than a flange plunger, it is also made of plastic and can scratch the finish on the toilet as well.




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