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Readying your hose bibs for winter

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It’s important to ready your house for winter. One of the simplest tasks a homeowner can do to avoid pipe bursting is shut off their hose bibs.

just follow these steps:

  1. CLOSE Valve Inside
  2. REMOVE Garden Hose
  3. OPEN Hose Bibb (Leave Open)

DRAIN Vacuum Breaker (location and operation vary with Mfgr.)

  • does the spigot have a little cap behind the valve, on top of the pipe?
    • if yes, no need to drain!
    • if no, keep reading!
  • does the spigot have a threaded on valve?
    • if yes, does it have a black ring around it like this?
    •  nf8 pull down GENTLY on the black ring to drain
    • if it doesn’t have a black ring, just push on the little plastic post inside

see the video below for help!


and finally, OPEN the bleed orifice at the inside valve (back inside your house – if you do this early, you’ll make a puddle in your house, so make sure to save this step for last!)


don’t forget to reverse the process in the springtime!

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