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REMEMBER – YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL 911 Natural gas is odorless, the sulfuric/rotten egg smell is actually added by the Gas Company to warn customers of a potential leak. if you smell something, call. Gas can interact with electrical systems or flames and cause explosions, so it is important to…

It’s good to point out mistakes. these kinds of code issues rarely occur in new houses, as they’re carefully inspected throughout the installation process. Most of these issues arrive in renovations. However, nobody is perfect, so here are some things to look out for!  

There are three types of plungers: The Cup Plunger: the cup plunger is your average, everyday plunger often featured on television. it is NOT a toilet plunger. it is great for sinks, tubs and wash basins, basically anything with a flat surface.   The Flange Plunger:   the flange plunger is…

Check out this helpful video from our friends at Roto Rooter